Creation Origins

Creation Origins – How Does the Creation Model of Origins Really Work?
How do evolutionary origins and creation origins compare?

Evolutionists believe, "In the beginning Hydrogen..."
Creationists believe, "In the beginning God..."

Both positions are "religious”—you accept your chosen cosmogony by faith. Creationists believe in a Supernatural Agent who is capable of transcending our space/time continuum. Thus, this Designer is able to perform work inside of the universe as well as outside (adding energy and acting as a mechanism by which the energy may be harnessed for productivity). The Creator is not constrained by Natural Law (which is, in fact, His creation), much the same way an artist is not constrained by a single canvas.

Creation Origins – The Models
The basic Creationist model is: Energy + Matter + Information = Incredible Complexity (the universe). The source of the Energy, Matter, and Information (and thus, the Incredible Complexity) is God.

The basic Naturalist model is: Energy + Matter + Random Chance + Time = Incredible Complexity (the universe). The source of the Energy and Matter is unknown (nobody knows what happened prior to the "Big Bang" or where all the Matter, Energy, Natural Law, Information, etc., came from). The source of the Incredible Complexity is unknown.

So, there are two basic worldviews of pre-human history:

Special Creation (something made everything), or
Naturalistic Evolution (everything made itself).

Either something/somebody made the universe (space, time, matter and energy, with all their inherent complexity and intrinsic laws) or nothing/nobody made the universe (everything we see was an incredible accident). There are really no other legitimate theories of origins. 21th century science has demonstrated, with certainty, that the universe is not eternal; the universe had a beginning. The only question is, “What was the cause of that beginning?” Either something made the world, or the world made itself.

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