Define Ethical Behavior

Define Ethical Behavior – How Do Individuals Define Ethics?
Is it possible to define ethical behavior? What are ethics? Our ethics constrain our behavior, especially in regards to social interaction. It seems to be instinctual, based upon the existence of the human conscience. The conscience acts to compel us to remain within certain moral standards of conduct.

However, the conscience, much like a human muscle, though it becomes strong when exercised, fades away with lack of use. Only one out of four adults "lean primarily on religious principles and teaching or Bible content when making moral decisions."

Define Ethical Behavior – Based on Pleasure
Nearly 50% of adults base their moral decisions on "whatever will bring them the most pleasing or satisfying results" (Barna Research Group, 2001). Ethics are now considered relative—relative to culture, relative to circumstance, and relative to the specific needs of the individual.

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