Define Morality

Define Morality - How Does the World View it?
How do you define morality? Morality refers to a doctrine or system of conduct relative to principles of right and wrong behavior. Morality encompasses the ideas of moral judgment, moral obligation, and moral agency. Morality affects our daily choices, and those decisions are guided by our conscience.

Morality can be a confusing topic in today's multi-faceted world. Many people believe that our moral conscience is a matter of the heart—that basic concepts of right, wrong and fairness are inherent in all of us. Other people believe that morality, and thus conscience, is an invention of man, based on the need to build cooperative societies.

Define Morality – Man’s Choice
Since all life forms are constantly choosing between life and death, man's power to choose his actions is given reigning authority, ultimately leading to a code of values and virtues. But what happens when my choice conflicts with your choice? What happens when my values conflict with your values? Without an absolute standard of morality, we are left to our own devices, with chaos the inevitable and ultimate destination.

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