How Can Some Religions Say They Are Right

How Can Some Religions Say They Are Right?
What a great question! How can some religions say they are right? There are three possible answers:

The first possibility is that the followers of that religion could actually be right. They've been assured by compelling evidences and they seek to communicate their convictions to the rest of the world. Their motivation is the betterment of mankind.

The second possibility is that they're mistaken. They think they're right, though in fact they are misguided. Thus, they seek to share their heartfelt (though false) belief with the rest of the world.

The third and final possibility is that they're being deliberately deceitful. They are wrong and they know it. Their goal is to spread a lie.

How Can Some Religions Say They Are Right? The Problem
All three possibilities are within the scope of human capacity. So now we have a problem. We don't want to fall for a lie (whether it be an honest mistake or a deliberate hoax), but we certainly don't want to deny and disregard the truth out of fear of falling for a lie. That would be counterproductive. So what do we do? We investigate the matter for ourselves! A wise man once wrote, "He who answers a matter before he hears it, it is folly and shame to him." Prudence would have us make a full investigation before putting our eternity in the care of any one belief-system, be it theistic or atheistic. And be sure to get both sides so as not to fall for a one-sided argument. Ask yourself these types of questions: "How do I know something's true?" "What is the source of my information?" "Is my source absolutely reliable?" "What if I'm wrong?"

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