Missing Link in Evolution

Missing Link in Evolution – How Much Evidence Do We Have for the So-Called "Missing Link"?
The theory of evolution postulates that all life, from birds to bananas, fishes to flowers, evolved from an original single-celled organism, which in turn evolved from inorganic "soup." Thus, every creature can be traced to a common ancestor.

According to the theory, fish evolved into the first amphibians, which in turn evolved into reptiles, which in turn evolved into mammals and birds. Humans, thought to have evolved from an apelike ancestor, are looked upon as the evolutionary zenith—from the goo, through the zoo, to you, over millions of years. Evolutionists have sought fossil evidence to validate this "multi-link" theory.

Missing Link in Evolution – Where is the link?
In particular, evolutionary paleontologists have eagerly sought for evidence of an intermediate between apelike creatures and humans. So far, scientists have found no such link. Thus, the supposed ape-man remains a "missing link."

Over the last century, numerous articles have been published by prominent newspapers, journals, and magazines stating that the "missing link" in the human chain has been found. Piltdown Man, Nebraska Man, Java Man, Lucy, etc.—whenever a new tooth or bone fragment is discovered in Africa or Asia, it seems we hear another claim of the “missing link.” However, years later, we learn that the discovery was over-hyped or a downright fraud, but the “missing link” metaphor never goes away.

The missing link metaphor implies that chain links representing current species are connected together by one or more links representing transitional fossils from extinct life forms. In order to complete the alleged chain from apelike creatures to human beings, we simply need to uncover “one more” transitional fossil link to complete the chain. This implies that evolution has almost fully explained how man has descended from the earliest ancestral life in a microbial soup. However, nothing could be further from the truth. For over 150 years since Darwin, evolutionists have been searching for high stakes transitional fossil links out of potentially millions required to explain the entire chain. They are hard-pressed to claim one legitimate transitional specimen, let alone the heralded “missing link” to humans.

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