Science and Intelligent Design

Science and Intelligent Design - How Do Scientists Embrace the Notion of "Intelligent Design"?
What connection is there between science and intelligent design? Information science declares that concept, design, and information result from intelligence. There is no process by which information will increase naturally by random chance. Quite the contrary, random chance is destructive to information. Engineers go to great lengths to ensure that chance plays no part in their contrivance. Thus, any design (even poor design) is "Intelligent Design."

Science and Intelligent Design –The Design of Machine
Intelligent Design is obvious upon close examination of any machine. The concept and design inherent to any machine, whether simple or complex, is self-evident. Whether a machine is of high quality or low quality, its designer is both necessary and apparent.

According to French biochemist and Nobel Laureate Jacques Lucien Monod (1910-1976), machines are purposeful aggregates of matter that, utilizing energy, perform specific tasks. By this authoritative definition, living systems are recognized as machines. Thus, life necessitates an Intelligent Designer.

While the Intelligent Design Movement has theological implications, it is not founded upon theological presuppositions.

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