Summary of Christianity

Summary of Christianity What are the Key Points?
A summary of Christianity begin nearly 3,500 years ago with over 300 prophecies of a coming Messiah written in the Jewish Scriptures.

About 2,000 years ago, Jesus Christ was born in Judea (present-day Israel) to fulfill those prophecies. Jesus was a Jew. He observed the Jewish faith and was well acquainted with the Jewish Law. In His early thirties, Jesus traveled from village to village, teaching in the synagogues and healing those who were suffering. Jesus' teaching was revolutionary. He challenged the established religious authorities to repent from their self-righteousness and hypocrisy and realize that the Kingdom of God is rooted in service and love.

Jesus' teachings stirred the hearts of people and created instability, something the Jewish religious authorities feared. Soon, a faithful group of men began to follow Jesus and call him teacher. These men became His disciples. Jesus taught His disciples about the will of God and about the "new covenant" God will bring to humanity through Him. Jesus helped them to see that mankind is bound to the pain and futility of life as a result of sin. Due to sin, mankind lost its relationship with God.

Summary of Christianity The New Covenant
The purpose of this "new covenant" is to restore those who accept it into a renewed fellowship of forgiveness and love with God. What is this new covenant? Jesus Christ, the Son of God, would pay for the sins of all humanity by being crucified unjustly on a Roman cross. Three days later, He would rise to life, having conquered death, to give hope to a hopeless world. Well, it happened just as Jesus taught and the prophecies foretold.

The world witnessed the most amazing miracle in history. Jesus of Nazareth died and three days later rose again to become the Messiah of the world.

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