Summary of Judaism

Summary of Judaism - Can We Understand it?
A summary of Judaism begins with God's promise to Abraham in about 2000 BC, "I will make you a great nation" (Genesis 12:2). The descendants of Abraham are often referred to as the "Children of Israel."

The history of Israel recorded in the Bible covers approximately 1800 years, and presents a powerful record of God's promises, miracles, blessings and judgments. Through the greatest series of miracles presented in the Jewish Scriptures, God brings the people of Israel out of 400 years of slavery in Egypt. It is this event that Jews view as the miraculous origin of the nation of Israel, the act of redemption that Israelites look back upon throughout biblical history as the ultimate sign of God's love and care for His people.

Once God redeems His people out of Egyptian bondage, He establishes a bilateral covenant with them at Mount Sinai. It is here that God delivers His Law (Ten Commandments), and promises blessings for obedience and judgment for disobedience.

Summary of Judaism Blessing and Judgment
The remainder of Israel's biblical history reflects a cycle of blessing and judgment based on this bilateral relationship between God and his people. Through recorded periods of military victory and loss, judges and kings, prophets and priests, exile and restoration, the nation of Israel is blessed when it follows God and judged when it falls away. The physical nation of Israel is ultimately destroyed by the Roman Empire in 70 AD. At this point, the people of Israel are cast throughout the world, with the prophetic promise of their redemption and return to their land in the future. In 1948, nearly 1900 years later, the redemption of the people of Israel began with the official reestablishment of the nation of Israel.

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