Summary of Masonry

Summary of Masonry What are the Essential Points?
A summary of Masonry (Free Masonry) is tricky since the "social" organization is veiled in various levels of secrecy, legend and misunderstanding. Over the years, Masons have been considered everything from a Christian brotherhood to a fraternity of the occult. Free Masonry is known under a variety of names, including the Brotherhood, the Order, the Craft, and the Lodge. The Masons are characterized by three classes:

  1. The Entered Apprentice
  2. The Fellow Craft
  3. The Master Mason.
Within these classes are 33 degrees, where the Mason matures in his knowledge and understanding of the ways of the Brotherhood, and certain signs, tokens and secrets are revealed to him as he graduates to higher and higher levels.

Summary of Masonry Basic Theology
The official position of the Masons is that Freemasonry is not a religion. However, an examination of Freemasonry's degrees reveals that there is a basic theology that underlies everything within the Order. The degrees teach that:

  1. There is a Supreme Being
  2. who created the universe
  3. who has established and revealed a moral law
  4. and to whom we must give account
  5. in a life after this.

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